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Rubberbanding in G/Technology

Whenever a user is digitizing a polygon, he expects feedback when moving the cursor before actually adding a point, the system should ‘rubberband’ the position under the cursor and only add it to a collection of points after the user … Continue reading

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Specialized ViewComponents

Suppose you want to introduce an inheritance chain in ASP.Net Core to use some businesslogic in a baseclass : ViewComponentSpecialized.Detail renders like this : If you invoke this viewcomponent you get an exception : ASP.Net core requires an ‘Invoke’-method on … Continue reading

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Configuring Webservice endpoints in a .Net Core Webapplication

If you need to invoke a WCF-Soap compliant Webservice from an ASP.Net application, the endpoints for it are stored in the Web.Config: If you need to invoke the same Webservice from an ASP.Net Core application, there is no Web.Config and … Continue reading

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