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Don’t use import-css directives when bundling

Consider the following code: This Controller method creates a bundle and includes a css-file located at ~/Content/base.css and then returns the view. The css file looks like this : This file imports another css file b2.css. This includes a style … Continue reading

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Using SSL during a certificate request

If you need to request a certificate to use for a website, you need to generate a certificate request resulting in a certreq.txt you need for buying the actual certificate. Once the certreq.txt is generated, you can not use another … Continue reading

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Deploying an MVC4 Web application to Windows 2003

I had a hard time deploying an MVC4 application to Windows server 2003, so I thought I’d share my experience with you. When deploying an MVC4-based website to Windows Server 2003, it is important to add Wildcard maps in Internet … Continue reading

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